Climbing Out of Tisha B’av

5779 - Va'eschanan - Nachamu Some 70 years ago, construction and development work was happening in Yerushalayim as Jews were slowly retuning home. But Rabbi Yaacov Moshe Charlap, the Talmid of Rav Kook, who was the Rabbi of the Sha'arei Chesed neighborhood, was lying in bed at his home, sick. Digging and drilling machines were … Continue reading Climbing Out of Tisha B’av

Do We Really Believe Geulah is Possible?

5779 - Devarim - Chazon A number of years ago, Rabbi Dr. Twerski shared the following story: Like any normal human being, I have good days, and I have lousy days. One summer day I was standing in front of my home in Pittsburgh watering the lawn, and it turned out that it was a … Continue reading Do We Really Believe Geulah is Possible?