How Does Pinchas Bring the Geulah?

5779 - Pinchas This past Thursday, I was out for a ride. I made it down to Pompano beach, with the plan of riding up A1A north back to Boca. But a few miles up the road, there's a major blockade due to construction - with signs rerouting me. I began to follow the rerouting … Continue reading How Does Pinchas Bring the Geulah?


The Need to Be Seen

5779 - Balak Some intriguing research conducted by Dan Ariely and his colleagues (Emir Kamenica and Drazen Prelec) highlights how powerful and important a simple gesture of acknowledgement can be in terms of our level of engagement and perseverance. They orchestrated a study to examine our willingness to work on a task, depending on the … Continue reading The Need to Be Seen